Do you want to…

  • Craft the best roadmap you have ever made?

  • Create a compelling story of the direction of your product?

  • Build alignment and get buy-in across your team?

  • Target the right audience, whether that is internal or external?

  • Have fun whilst learning from the experience of others?


If you do then our roadmapping workshops might just be for you. Our workshops are delivered with a mixture of leading facilitation techniques by experts in both facilitation and roadmapping. At some points you’ll be using stickies and dot votes; at others, you’ll be sketching; at others, you will simply be talking to small groups; and sometimes you might even find yourself playing with Lego.

Roadmap Building Blocks


Work on how you roadmap so that your team does it better in the future



Identify what should (and should not!) be on your roadmap for maximum clarity


Define the audience (or audiences) of your roadmap and what they care about


Create a powerful visual asset that resonates with your target audience


Craft and deliver a compelling story that drives alignment and buy-in with your audience

What is this workshop?

  • It’s a process that guides you to create an awesome roadmap that fits your needs by taking you through a series of activities that build to deliver

  • It’s hands-on you will be active throughout working on your roadmap with a mixture of different activities and approaches

  • It’s inspiring as you learn from the experience of other people in the workshop 

What isn’t this workshop?

  • It’s not a training course where we will teach you how to roadmap instead it is a hands on workshop to help you get a result at the end of it

  • It’s not a consulting session where we will provide critique and review of your roadmap, instead you will work out what good looks like

  • It’s not a passive session where you can just sit back and not get stuck in

Who is this workshop for?

  • It’s primarily for product people who need to provide direction for their product and align their organisation

  • But it’s also for anyone else who needs to chart out an initiative, not trying to create a project plan but is focused on direction and alignment

Who isn’t this workshop for?

  • It’s not for someone who doesn’t want to get their hands dirty creating a roadmap

  • It’s not for someone who doesn’t want to collaborate with a group of other people with the same challenge

  • It’s not for someone who doesn’t want to have fun whilst working!

  • Do you have a team who needs to create amazing roadmaps?
  • Do you want to dive into the roadmapping process as well as the roadmap?
  • Would you like something a little different to the standard workshop?

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