Roadmap Coaching

Our Flexible Coaching Blocks are perfect when you need a roadmapping expert on-hand without the commitment of a set schedule.

We can help with your roadmap and tooling questions, share best practices, avoid common pitfalls, demo functionality etc.

Plus you can book sessions at any point within a one-year period meaning we only appear at your time of need.

You know, a bit like a superhero.

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Flexible Coaching Benefits

Coaching on your terms

No schedules or regular sessions where there may be nothing to discuss. Just quality coaching, right when you need it, anytime within a one-year period

Aha! specialist

I’ve used Aha! almost every single day since 2016. Aha! powers my consultancy business, my personal goals, and I even used it to plan my wedding

More than just roadmapping

Clients love to leverage my 25 year background in business analysis, development, testing, support, product management, customer success and facilitation

Better together

Coaching is not limited to just one person. Inviting relevant team members to the sessions can support deeper conversations to occur as we work through problems

Passionate practitioner

I work with multiple clients a week to remain active and relevant. My work involves everything from people, processes, tools and even a little therapy

Remote-work native

I use the latest digital tools such as Calendly, Zoom, and Miro for easy scheduling, recorded video calls, screensharing, and whiteboarding concepts and diagrams

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Working with Justin sped up the time for us to realise the value of using Aha!. He took the time to understand our business context and tailored the lessons to suit our needs. His enthusiasm was infectious.
Rob Henshaw
Product Management Director

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