Phil Hornby

Phil’s been a corporate “warrior” for most of the last 20 years with industry experience including product management, development, and marketing in Software, IoT and Automotive. He is a Chartered Engineer, holds an MBA and has built and led global product teams.

Phil is a startup ecosystem building, mentor and coach for teams and founders. He works through many models including a number of accelerator programs. He’s has broad experience in technology businesses ranging from small to global multi-nationals.

Steve Dagless

Steve worked at Aha! as a senior manager, customer success for nearly 5 years. He was one of the original members of the Aha! Concierge team where he delivered over 150 Enterprise+ rollouts with customers including some of the world’s largest organisations. Steve’s role exposed him to a wide variety of roadmapping use cases including, product, marketing, project, programme and portfolio management; physical product, software and technology offerings; various methodologies include waterfall, Kanban, Scrum and SAFe.

Steve’s background in teaching and learning coupled with his deep expertise in product management and roadmapping make him an ideal partner for Roadmap Heroes.

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