You wouldn't you drive your car without a health check, so why drive your product team without one?

Aha! is a sophisticated and powerful roadmapping tool which underpins your teams and their ways of working.

Over time, changing needs and processes can mean your Aha! configuration grows and swells over time. In addition, Aha! deliver many new features, tweaks and updates on a regular basis meaning there are often new or more efficient ways of doing things.

Common questions that can arise are:

  • Is our current implementation setup optimally for our team and business needs?
  • Are we using all the latest functionality that Aha! has to offer in order to maximise our investment?
  • How would an Aha! expert have configured our implementation?

The Aha! Health Check is a system-level audit, performed by an Aha! expert which looks under the hood of your implementation and examines the current configuration. You and your team will receive a detailed report and a prioritised backlog of actionable insights and recommendations.

We perform over 130+ different checks across 8 main application areas:

  • Account and Security
  • Billling, Users and Permissions
  • Customisations
  • Statuses and workflows
  • Custom fields and layouts
  • Hierarchy and Workspaces
  • Integrations


It is perfect if you have an existing implementation of Aha! which has stabilised over time but now you’re looking to perform some house keeping, optimise your current ways of working or just make sure you take advantage of all the current functionality Aha! has to offer.

Find out how your Aha! implementation measures up and get your actionable insights today!

Ensure Aha! is configured and optimised based on best practices, common patterns and insights from other client implementations

Identify and resolve common issues with your current configuration and reduce your risk of further problems down the line

Maximise the value and latest functionality your Aha! subscription has to offer

Receive a full report of actionable insights and two hours of follow up meetings discuss your results and how to mature your implementation

Simpler or more robust processes, higher quality data, improved reporting, greater business insights and better decisions

See how your health check compares against other anonymised client implementations as an indicator of health and maturity

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Working with Justin sped up the time for us to realise the value of using Aha!. He took the time to understand our business context and tailored the lessons to suit our needs. His enthusiasm was infectious.
Rob Henshaw
Product Management Director

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