Are you constantly supporting other Aha! Roadmaps users within your company? 
Or maybe you’ve been granted viewer or reviewer access to Aha! but are overwhelmed on where to start?
If this sounds like you, the Aha! for Collaborators online training can help!

What is Aha! Roadmaps?

Aha! Roadmaps is a powerful online solution used by companies around the world to create and manage their roadmaps.

Some users will own and manage their roadmaps in Aha! whilst other users just need access to collaborate and stay informed with those that do.

Often these collaborative users are given reviewer/viewer accounts in Aha! but receive no formal training on how to make the most of their Aha! access and the value they can contribute.

Until now!

How the online training works

We use a combination of teaching methods to help bring your Aha! Roadmaps learning experience to life:

Instructor-led videos – A friendly face to guide you though everything there is to know about your Aha! access

Full screen walk throughs – See clearly where and what I am clicking in the application so you can follow along

Downloadable materials – Get access to diagrams, check lists, and resources for further reading

World-class learning platform

Aha! for Collaborators is built on Teachable for the ultimate learning experience.

You set the pace

Binge the entire course in one go or learn gradually as time allows.

Your training, your terms

Regardless of your timezone or availability, high quality training is there when YOU want it.

Proven platform

Teachable is one of the most popular learning platforms designed to give you a seamless learning experience.

Enhance your experience

Deepen your knowledge with video, text, images, diagrams, PDFs and more.

Learning in the palm of your hand

Access your training via the mobile app, mobile web or on desktop. Watch the full screen walk throughs and follow along in your own Aha! account.

Why Roadmap Heroes?

Deep Aha! Experience
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Customers helped
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Full Client Rollouts
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I have over 8 years of Aha! experience including:

Product Leader and Aha! customer

Implementing Aha! Roadmaps within my product team and digital department at Vodafone UK.

Senior Aha! Customer Success Manager

3 years at working directly with customers every day on product demos, troubleshooting, training, support, Aha! concierge roll-outs, and product management best practices.

Independent Aha! Consultant

Since founding Roadmap Heroes in 2019, I’ve worked deeply with over 20 clients supporting them at every step including system architecture, integrations, product management practices, training teams, coaching SMEs, and hand over.

The Aha! for Collaborators course has everything you need collaborate with your colleagues

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Who is this course for?

These collaborative users will typically have reviewer or viewer permissions which are free and unlimited on Enterprise plans.


Examples of collaborative users

Meet your instructor






Watch the instructor led videos at your own pace and follow along in your own environmentor refer directly to specific chapters for quick reminders when you need them.


You will also get:

🧭 Aha! orientation and walk through

🏅 Expert tips, tricks, and best practices


The course will be in the form of bite-sized, on-demand videos via a popular online learning platform. 

Two ways to learn

  1. Binge the entire course to get instant Aha! superpowers

Each module is designed around the specific actions or tasks that you might wish to perform in Aha! such as:

  • I want to navigate and get around Aha!
  • I want to create a new todo or approval



Aha! for Collaborators is the ultimate self-paced online course designed to help collaborators in your organisation get the most out of Aha! so you can get back to focusing on product management

The Aha! for Collaborators online training has everything you need to know to use Aha! like a pro:




Training other Aha! users should not be your full-time job, let me help so you can get back to building products and services your customers love…

This is the course I wish I had access to as a busy product leader and Aha! administrator.

Built by Aha! users, for Aha! users.

Register using the simple form below so I can keep you in the loop on progress, early access and launch.


A sneak peak inside!

🔍 Navigate with confidence and find the information you need

📊 Create reports and roadmaps from scratch

👩🏽‍💻 Collaborate with teams that own and manage the roadmap

📬 Stay informed of important changes and updates


💁🏻‍♂️ Personalise your Aha! experience

Here’s what you get (value stack)

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Please note, this course will not cover or provide guidance on how to create a new, or maintain an existing, Aha! implementation. For that please check out our various consulting options.