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  • Does your company use Aha! Roadmaps on an Enterprise or Enterprise+ plan?

  • Do your busy product teams struggle to find the time to train users with non-paid seats (viewers and reviewers)?

  • Do stakeholders and other users find it hard to get the best from their non-paid seat access?


If so, you’ve come to the right place!

I am in the early stages of developing a new self-paced, online video training course specifically for Aha! Roadmaps users that have viewer or reviewer access.

Typically this non-paid seat access is given to the peripheral teams that contribute to the delivery of your roadmaps (Engineering, Marketing, Support, Sales etc.) but don’t own the roadmaps themselves.

I’m building the course I wish I had access to as a busy product leader who not only needed to configure Aha! for my team, but train all the stakeholders and peripheral teams on how they should use Aha! Roadmaps too.

Here is a sneak peek at what I have planned:

🧭 Aha! orientation – Kickstart your training with a series of walk-throughs to understand what Aha! Roadmaps is and what it does

🔍 Find the information you need – I’ll show you how to find existing records, reports or roadmaps with ease

📊 Create reports and roadmaps – Master the art of crafting tailored, data-driven roadmaps from scratch

👩🏽‍💻 Collaborate with colleagues – Discover effective ways to work together and make a collective impact

📬 Staying informed and tailoring your experience – Keep a pulse on important changes and personalise your account

🏅 Expert tips, tricks, and best practices – Get insider knowledge from an Aha! expert to level up your game


The course will be in the form of bite-sized, on-demand videos via a popular online platform. Watch and follow along at your own pace or refer to certain chapters for quick reminders. 

Training other Aha! users should not be your full-time job, let me help so you can get back to building products and services your customers love…

I need you!

This course is still a twinkle in my eye. After 4 years of honing the content with my existing clients I am ready to create it as a separate course and I’m exploring the demand before I make it a reality.

If this sounds like something your team needs let me know by using the simple form below. That way if enough people register their interest I can keep you in the loop on progress, early access and launch.

Got some questions or ideas of things you’d like me to cover? Drop me a line! Want to see an example video of me in action? You’ve got it!

This is not a spam or mailing list and will only be used to share non-automated course updates from me personally.

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Please note, this course will not cover or provide guidance on how to create a new, or maintain an existing, Aha! implementation. For that please check out our various training or consulting options.